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Bream Immobilien is a professional team of real estate experts and provides you with personal support in all matters relating to the sale and purchase of residential property in the Berlin district of Wilmersdorf

Are you looking for property in City West? Would you like to sell your flat in Wilmersdorf?Contact us and get to know us.

We advise prospective sellers and buyers free of charge and without obligation and show them an individual strategy on how to achieve your goal without much effort. We are equally available to prospective buyers and also to prospective sellers and accompany both fully and professionally in the implementation of their plans around the property.

Berlin-Wilmersdorf is one of our main areas of business activity

We, estate agents at Bream Immobilien, have particularly close ties with the Berlin-Wilmersdorf district, as we have both personally lived there. From our own experience, we appreciate the high quality of life south of the Kurfürstendamm, in the green side streets and in the lively squares such as Rüdesheimer Platz, Prager Platz, Ludwig-Kirch-Platz etc. The attractiveness of Wilmersdorf lies in its simultaneous urbanity and proximity to plenty of greenery and recreation. The variety of restaurants and shops and cultural offerings is hard to beat.

Immobilienmakler Berlin-Wilmersdorf

In Berlin-Wilmersdorf, similar to Berlin-Charlottenburg, both now and then the residents are made up of a well grounded, affluent population, artists and intellectuals. To the north, Wilmersdorf shares much of the famous Kurfürstendamm with Charlottenburg.

Spacious and stylish residential buildings with elegant façade elements were built at the end of the 19th century / beginning of the 20th century and still characterise the streetscape of the district today. A lively cultural scene can be found especially in the charming side streets south of Kursfürstendamm and around Rüdesheimer Platz, Prager Platz, Ludwig-Kirch-Platz, Bayerischer Platz, Nürnberger Platz and Fasanen Platz.

We know the oases in the urban hustle and bustle

Small galleries, clubs and some theatres, including the famous Schaubühne (theatre) on Lehniner Platz or Die Bar jeder Vernunft (bar of any reason) or the blues and jazz club Rickenbacker’s attract many people. Numerous attractive restaurants, cafés, shopping facilities offer a wide, metropolitan range. The public infrastructure, including underground and suburban railway, is very good. There are numerous kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

Makler Berlin-Wilmersdorf

An island in the middle of the urban rush is the Volkspark Schöneberg-Wilmersdorf. The large, elongated park connects the two districts and is a retreat with dense trees, sunbathing lawns, recreational areas and jogging routes.

To the southwest, Wilmersdorf borders the Grunewald subdistrict, a noble villa neighbourhood and a large wooded area that extends to Wannsee.

The Wilmersdorf summer pool with a 50-metre swimming pool and a large sunbathing lawn offers cooling and fun for the whole family in summer.

Wilmersdorf, a classic long-term favourite, continues to gain unbroken attention on the real estate market

Demand for real estate, especially flats, remains strong in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. This district is very attractive to both self-users and investors from Germany and abroad; the traditional stability of value promises security and the current increase in value promises profit. City West is currently being renewed, gaps are being filled with high-quality new buildings, neglected buildings from the 1960s and 1970s are being renovated or renewed. Culturally, too, the focus in Berlin is shifting more towards the western half of the city.

Berlin-Wilmersdorf is attractive again, especially for investors

Since the failure of the Berlin rent cap, property prices in Berlin-Wilmersdorf have been rising again, especially on the investment market. Owners of rented flats who had waited can now sell their rented flats to investors with a much better perspective. Rents are being adjusted upwards again.

After all, one lives here near Kurfürstendamm and Bahnhof Zoo – both of which are also internationally known. Money is being put into modernising buildings because it pays off in this sought-after location.

The demand in Berlin-Wilmersdorf is much higher than the supply – anyone thinking about selling their property should take the opportunity and benefit from the high prices

Are you facing a change and thinking about selling your property in Berlin-Wilmersdorf? Do you own a tenanted property in Berlin-Wilmersdorf and wonder how much your property is worth? You don’t know whether property prices will continue to rise so strongly in the future and are wondering whether you should sell your property this year?

There are many questions about the real estate market in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. The fact is that sales prices have risen very sharply in recent years and therefore many property owners can sell their property at a good profit.

How much that will be in detail depends on specific factors:

  • on the purchase price at the time
  • the amount of investment made
  • the degree of modernisation
  • the condition of the property, etc.

Let us provide you with a professional property valuation so that you know exactly the value of your property and can assess the personal benefits of selling it!

For a serious and meaningful valuation, we need some data about your property. A property inspection is important for a specific valuation. A pure online valuation without a property inspection is only a rough estimate based on size and location and does not take into account the peculiarities of the property, which would be noticeable during an inspection.
We offer both a comprehensive property valuation and an online valuation without a property inspection. Remember, however, that the right asking price is the key to a secure plan and a successful sale.

Ask us without obligation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Convince yourself of our satisfied customer testimonials and successfully sold properties.

Through our sales activities in Berlin-Wilmersdorf and the surrounding area, we now look after a considerable customer base of prospective buyers, some of whom are commissioned to search, and are therefore constantly looking for further properties for sale in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.

Your order is important to us! You decide. We act.

Do you know someone who is thinking about selling their property?

We will gladly accept a lead on a potential property seller in order to contact and advise them. Please note that you should obtain the consent of the owner concerned in advance, as the disclosure of personal contact details is subject to European data protection law.

In the event of a successful sale, which is attributable to your tip, we will be happy to pay you, the tipster, up to 1% of the purchase price as tipster commission.
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