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Are you looking for your dream property? We can help you!

As real estate agents for Berlin Gatow, Kladow, Staaken, Groß Glienicke and the surrounding area, we offer our clients a wide range of services to make the buying process as easy and smooth as possible. As we know that every customer has different needs, we offer individual advice and tailor-made solutions. Below we present some of our services.

Place a search order with us

Our search assignment is one of our core services. We offer both active and passive search assignments to ensure we find the perfect property for you. We actively search for properties that meet your requirements and inform you immediately when we have found something suitable. With a passive search request, we save your requirements and contact you as soon as a suitable property is added to our portfolio.

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You can’t do without: we arrange a partner for financing for you

Arranging financing is another important part of our services. We work with various banks and financial institutions to offer our clients the best financing options. Our financial partners will help you find the best financing solution and assist you with the application process.

Credit check for seller’s security

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A quick credit check is also part of our service. This gives the seller the security that you are financially able to buy the property. We and our financial partners work particularly quickly and conscientiously here so that the process is not delayed and both parties can continue to work together.

Are you planning a renovation? We will be happy to advise you!

When you buy a property, it is not always the way you want it to be as the new owner. That is why we are also at your side with the appropriate contacts if you are planning a refurbishment. Together with you, the energy consultant will draw up a renovation plan that includes all the necessary renovation measures and the associated costs. He will also inform you about possible subsidies so that you get the most out of your budget. Because your satisfaction is our success.

Benefit from our network

Through our many years as estate agents, we have built up an extensive network with many reliable partners in Berlin and Potsdam. We will put you in touch with tradesmen or building contractors so that you receive the service you require. They coordinate all the work and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Quality and adherence to deadlines are important to us.

In short: We provide you with full support in all aspects of real estate – from the search for the right property and advice to the implementation of your renovation measures. Trust in our many years of experience in the real estate sector, thanks to which we can look at each project individually and thus also do justice to the human issues behind the real estate project.