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We, the Bream Immobilien real estate agency group, are your personal real estate agent for residential properties in Potsdam-Groß Glienicke on the beautiful Groß Glienicker See lake.

Our company offices are on site in the neighbouring Berlin district of Berlin-Kladow. We provide you with comprehensive and professional support in the sale of your detached house, condominium or building plot or search for a new home in Groß Glienicke and the surrounding area for property seekers.

Part of Berlin-Kladow used to belong to Groß Glienicke

Did you know that part of today’s Berlin-Kladow between the shore of Groß Glienicker See and Flugfeld Gatow belonged to Groß Glienicke before 1945 and was only added to Kladow, and thus to the Berlin urban area, through an exchange of territory between the Soviet and British occupation forces? Today, Groß Glienicke benefits from its location right next to the capital and has developed into a highly desirable residential area. It is seamlessly connected to Berlin-Kladow.

We know the area around Groß Glienicker See, Sakrower See and the Havel River particularly well and can recommend it to every property seeker from our own experience. Here, at the south-western end of the capital between Spandau and Potsdam, the quality of life is particularly high; here the privileges of country life combine directly with life in the capital!

The attractiveness of Potsdam-Groß Glienicke lies in its location on the outskirts of the capital on the idyllic Groß Glienicker See lake

Groß Glienicke, with a population of just under 5,000, belongs to the city of Potsdam and is situated on Groß Glienicker See. It is characterised by a picturesque village centre with a fieldstone church from the 13th century and a few historic, restored farms. Around it and along the shore, more and more villas and detached houses have settled over time since the early 20th century. Especially after the fall of communism, many new single-family houses were built.

The village is idyllically surrounded by water and nature and borders directly on Berlin in the east. The border between Berlin and Brandenburg runs through the middle of Groß Glienicker See. During the Cold War, this was the well-known German-German border, the Berlin Wall. To the north of the village, a large nature reserve, the Döberitzer Heide, and wide fields extend to Dallgow-Döberitz and Nauen.

To the south, Lake Sacrow, along with Lake Glienicke, is another wonderful recreational area for hiking, cycling and swimming, which extends to the Havel at the southern end.

At the northern end of Lake Glienicke is the landscape park of the former manor of Groß Glienicke. In 1945 the manor house burned down and in 1961 the park was destroyed and divided by the demarcation of the border between the GDR and the FRG. Today, a remnant of the former Berlin Wall can still be seen there. Another architecturally valuable remnant of the manor park is the Potsdamer Tor. Today it visibly marks the entrance to the estate park.

Makler Potsdam-Groß

In addition to water sports and visible German-German history, the region also offers horseback riding, cycling, hiking or golf. Various restaurants and beer gardens offer relaxation after excursions or after work: the restaurant “Landleben” with beach and large outdoor terrace overlooking Lake Sacrow and the Greek restaurant “Korfu” in the centre of the village, also with a large terrace, deserve special mention.

The charming café “Seeperle” offers delicious ice cream in the summer months and is located directly at the bathing meadow on Lake Glienicke. Due to the continuous influx of young families, the infrastructure in Groß Glienicke has also constantly adapted. In addition to various supermarkets and shops, there are 5 daycare centres and a primary school.
The B2 motorway and several bus lines provide excellent connections to Berlin-Spandau and Potsdam.

There is clearly more people moving into Groß Glienicke than moving out

The demand for residential property in Groß Glienicke, especially for villas, detached houses and plots of land, is not dwindling – on the contrary – especially after the Corona pandemic with an increased trend towards home offices, suburban locations in Berlin are very much in demand. The influx is much greater than the outflow. Those who nevertheless have to leave the beautiful location, usually for involuntary reasons, and want to sell their property in Groß Glienicke benefit from the high demand.

Real estate sellers in Groß Glienicke benefit from the current market situation

We now have a very extensive customer base of prospective buyers looking for their own home in Groß Glienicke and the surrounding area. You as a future property seller can benefit from the situation, because we are constantly looking for more properties to offer our customers, mostly young families.

Contact us without obligation for an individual and free consultation with professional property valuation. The property valuation, which can be carried out both online and with an inspection, offers you more planning security. We will be happy to discuss with you the time needed to sell the property and the realistic selling price to be achieved based on the current market situation.

Would you like to sell your property quickly, safely and professionally at the best possible price?
We will take care of the entire process for you and provide you with the highest level of transparency from A to Z, in accordance with your wishes. Read more under our services.

We have been in the real estate business for 10 years and have been on the market as Bream Immobilien since 2019. Since then, we have successfully sold the following properties. We do our utmost to always leave satisfied customers, whom we naturally continue to look after after a successful purchase/sale (after sales services).

Through our membership in the IVD (Immmobilienverband Deutschland) Real Estate Association Germany we have been tested for quality by the association and are also constantly educating ourselves.

Get to know us, our commitment and competence will convince you. Please contact us.

Your order is important to us! You decide. We act.

The current market situation does not make it easy for prospective buyers of real estate in Groß Glienicke and the surrounding area

Are you interested in buying a property in the Groß Glienicke area?
Have you had difficulty finding suitable properties or making a decision quickly enough?
Did other property buyers often beat you to it?
The properties you can afford are usually gone before you hear about them?
The current market situation in the real estate sector makes life difficult for property seekers in Groß Glienicke. Here you have an overview of our current real estate offer.

You are also welcome to contact us at any time to provide us with your search profile and contact details. We are also happy to advise you on important key points of a property purchase such as financing and good preparation. If you wish, you can also apply to us for an individual search request in order to have a chance of gaining access to properties in the off-market.

We will be happy to advise you on all possible questions regarding the purchase of real estate. Read more under our services.

Just ask us. We look forward to hearing from you.

We also award tipster commission

If you know someone who is considering selling their property in Groß Glienicke, we would of course be delighted to get connected to the seller or receive a tip.

Please note that due to the protection of personal data, we can only accept sales tips with the consent of the potential seller. However, we reward contact tips that lead to a successful conclusion with up to 1% of the achieved purchase price. So it can be well worth it!
Find out more under tipster commission, or feel free to contact us directly.

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