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Buy property in Berlin & Potsdam: With the support of Bream Immobilien

As a team of Bream Immobilien, we offer buyers a comprehensive service when purchasing property in Berlin Gatow, Kladow, Staaken or in Potsdam Groß Glienicke and the surrounding area. We support you in buying the right new home or a high-yield investment and accompany you on your way.

We go on the search for you

Your path to the right property starts with a search request to us. We take your wishes on board and immediately start looking for suitable properties – actively and in comparison with current properties that we are marketing for sellers. We have personally inspected all the properties we present to you in this way and have convinced ourselves of their appropriate market value.

Schlüsselbund mit Anhänger in Herzform

We work closely with various regional partners and are well networked in Berlin and Potsdam, so that you as a client also have access to unpublished properties. In addition, you can of course also search our current listings for properties that appeal to you.

Straightforward to the refurbishment plan


When buying older properties or properties in need of modernisation, specific modernisation plans listing the relevant subsidy programmes are an advantage. You benefit from our network of energy consultants and craftsmen, who will be happy to look at what needs to be done together with you on site – whether it’s building measures or technical adaptations – and then draw up an appropriately detailed refurbishment  and cost plan with detailed costs and subsidies in order to put conversions or even energy-efficient modernisations into practice and obtain the relevant subsidies.

Think about financing before you buy

Even before you have decided on a property, you should know how it can be financed. Not only alone, so that you know what budget is available for the search, but also so that a quick and smooth process can be guaranteed in the event of a search hit.

Here we mediate between you and banks and financial institutions and help to ensure that you receive financing that suits you, your personal situation and the current market situation.

Comprehensive buyer support in all situations

Every search request is different, but each time there is a story behind it of people who are looking for a new home or an opportunity to invest. That is why we always act according to the principle: Your order is important to us. You decide. We act.

This also applies to special life situations, such as downsizing in old age after a property sale, which is followed by the search for a barrier-free living option. 

Get in touch with us, Sonja Bream and Sylwia Kuzak-Fischer, today and let us guide you professionally through the entire process of buying a property – from the search order to the handover of the keys!