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Support for your property search

You haven’t found the right property yet? Perhaps you have high expectations or precise ideas about where you want to live or where you definitely don’t want to live? Are you very busy at work or often on the road and have little time to search and view? Is your budget for your dream property rather tight?

There are many reasons that can limit the search or make it difficult.

When searching for real estate, it is important that you clarify all open questions about your search profile in advance. These are essentially:

Check maximum possible purchase price

How much can I afford? How much will the bank lend me? In the first step, contact the bank you trust and ask what level of loan you can expect. The loan application is then made without reference to real estate, based solely on your equity capital and income.

Make sure that no Schufa enquiry is made, because too frequent Schufa enquiries will damage your Schufa score.

Don’t forget that when buying a property, there are also additional costs for notary, land register, real estate agent, land transfer tax, which you also have to factor in. Depending on the type of property, the additional costs vary between 9 – 15.6% of the purchase price.

Minimum required living space and/or number of rooms

Are you a family or a single person? That’s not the only thing that plays a big role in your own space requirements. The individual demand also plays a role. Recently, many people have had to switch to a home office, which means an additional study may be needed.

Or do you have relatives abroad who like to visit for longer periods of time? Then you need a guest room. You should also consider the perspective for the future. Do you want to expand your family? Will the children soon be out of the house? Depending on this, there should be more or less space available.

Dream house or appartment or both

The question of balcony, terrace or garden often determines whether a flat is enough or whether it should be a house. However, houses are usually more expensive. Remember that you could also buy a terrace flat with a garden or a terraced house or semi-detached house. These are usually a little less pricey.

But perhaps it is important to you to live as privately as possible? Then you probably can’t avoid a detached single-family house.

District or region

If you have already clarified whether your desired property should be a house or a flat, you can already rule out many districts, especially in a large city like Berlin. In the city centre you will find hardly any single-family homes with garden, and in the outer districts there are rather fewer flats.

Determine which regions and districts are eligible and which are not

Try not to limit yourself too much, because this will narrow your search and it will be harder to find something. Surely there are also districts in your neighbourhood that you don’t know that well or against which you have prejudices.

A good tip is to go on weekend trips to these lesser-known areas and explore them to get to know them better and to develop a feeling for whether you might feel comfortable here. You will be amazed at all the new discoveries you make!

This also extends your horizons and sometimes opens up new possibilities

Once you have clarified these main criteria for yourself, you have the option of commissioning us with the search. This search assignment is not exclusive and does not bind us or you in any way. Your main advantage, however, is that we will search for you during our acquisition:

Your advantages of registring with us for a property search request

  1. In addition to the offers on the usual real estate advertising platforms, we always have offers that are not publicly marketed. We will be happy to pass these on to you.
  2. We can offer you our newly acquired properties in advance, before we have negotiated the conditions with the sellers.
  3. You benefit from a wider selection of properties, as not all sellers immediately enter into a commissionable contract with us.
  4. By entering into a commissionable search contract with you, we are in a position to represent your interests exclusively, i.e. to conduct the negotiations exclusively in your favour. Of course, we check the completeness of the documents and details of the property and you benefit from our professional network.
  5. You only pay the agent’s commission after successful notarisation at the notary’s office. The purchase price of the property does not include any hidden commission components in the case of a indicated buyer’s commission, that means you avoid paying any real estate transfer tax on parts of a invisible agent’s commission.
  6. The search order expires automatically after one year, so if we are unable to find you a property, you do not need to do anything. In addition, you can cancel the order immediately at any time by email.

You would like to register with us for a property search request?

Download the blank form, fill it out and send it back to info@breamimmobilien.de.