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Bream Immobilien – your estate agent in Berlin-Kladow for personalised brokerage services for residential properties in the Berlin district

We are at home in Berlin-Kladow

Due to our company offices and private residence in Kladow, we are particularly closely connected to the enchanting area on the Havel River and therefore also privately appreciate the high quality of life at the south-western end of the capital between Spandau and Potsdam in Kladow.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a detached house, a condominium or a building plot, or whether you are looking for a new property – we will assist you from A-Z.

We are aware of the increasing attractiveness of this area in the south of Spandau – Kladow is particularly popular with young families.

This village-like district of Berlin – surrounded by forests and meadows on one side and the waters of the Havel and the Groß Glienicker See and Sacrower See lakes on the other – is characterised by a high quality of life due to many recreational opportunities such as water sports, horseback riding, cycling, hiking and golf.

Immobilienmakler Berlin-Kladow

The absence of urban or industrial development and noise from major connecting roads is one of the special features of Berlin-Kladow. Among insiders, Kladow is considered a place of longing for peace and tranquillity in the metropolis of Berlin.

Berlin-Kladow, with a population of about 14,000, has a very well-developed infrastructure for families: versatile shopping facilities and a wide range of retail outlets, also restaurants, snack bars of all kinds, various schools and day-care centres, various doctors’ surgeries and a hospital are available in the immediate vicinity. Buying a property in Kladow is therefore particularly worthwhile for families.

Bream Immobilien –
Your reliable estate agent for property in Berlin-Kladow

Here you can relax with the view alone

The Unterhavel (Lower Havel River) is the gateway to the largest inland water sports area in Europe, stretching all the way to the Baltic Sea. Various water sports clubs line the banks of Spandau-Wilhelmsstadt, Gatow and Kladow. You can also take one of the public boat companies from Kladow harbour on a day boat trip to Potsdam and Werder (Havel) across all the branching arms and lakes, or refresh yourself on hot summer days at the numerous bathing spots in Kladow, in neighbouring Gatow, at Groß Glienicker See or Sacrower See.

During the day, a ferry operated by Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe connects Wannsee with Kladow at hourly intervals. Especially when the weather is nice, this attracts many Berliners and tourists to the harbour promenade in Kladow. Here you can relax in one of the beer gardens or at an Italian restaurant on the waterfront.

Holiday feeling included!

The Gut Neukladow (manor Neukladow) with its charming park and café, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the Wannsee with an ice cream or a cool beer, is the northernmost of the buildings that are part of Potsdam’s World Heritage Site. The restored Dr. Max Fraenkel country house garden, the Gatow Golf Club or the Aviation Museum of the former Gatow airfield are further attractive attractions for day trippers.

“Landstadt Gatow” is the new development of the former Gatow airfield. It is now located in Kladow and has become a popular place for families to live thanks to its excellent infrastructure.

Bus X34 (direction Zool. Garten) and bus 134 and 135 (direction Rathaus Spandau, long-distance train station) provide excellent connections to the city centre or other long-distance destinations. The Kurfürstendamm is about 25 minutes away by car, and Potsdam is also about 25 minutes away.

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Property sellers benefit from high demand for residential property in Kladow, especially for detached houses and building plots

The never-ending strong demand for residential property in Kladow, especially for villas, family homes and plots of land, has given us a considerable customer base of prospective buyers looking to purchase property in Kladow in a short time, so we are constantly on the lookout for more properties for sale in Berlin-Kladow. Unfortunately, no one wants to move out of Kladow voluntarily. Only certain life circumstances lead to Kladow residents leaving their beloved home and therefore selling their house. This is the case, for example, in the event of a divorce or inheritance if a property is to be sold in this context.

Makler Berlin-Kladow

Ask us as a competent, local team of estate agents – very familiar with the area – we offer you a professional, property-specific valuation in Kladow with current market analysis free of charge.

The more professionally and accurately you have your property valued, the more planning security you have in the further process.

We provide you with a meaningful result by requesting property-specific data and ideally also carrying out a property inspection.

In the meantime, we also offer all our search clients the possibility of concluding a search contract with us that is subject to commission. This allows us to directly contact property owners who are willing to sell and to present you as a buyer even before the conclusion of a selling contract with the seller. This is of course equally attractive for prospective buyers and sellers.

Thanks to our large search client base for Berlin-Kladow, our personal connection to the area and our free, transparent initial consultation for property sellers with a serious property valuation, we have gained the trust of more and more property owners in Kladow in recent years and made a name for ourselves as an estate agent with local knowledge.

Since 2019, we have successfully sold many properties in Kladow and have many happy clients to show for it.

Contact us if you would like to sell a property in Kladow yourself or simply need non-binding advice:

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Mobile: +49 179 110 76 58
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Since the demand for plots and familiy houses in the entire south of Spandau along the Havel continues unabated, we are of course also pleased to receive any information, vendor contacts or tips.

Do you know someone who wants to sell a property in Berlin-Kladow?

We are happy to reward every successful sales tip that leads to a successful conclusion with up to 1 % of the achieved purchase price. We treat tipster contracts transparently.
Find out more and contact us directly.

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