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In these times, put the sale of your property in the hands of a professional estate agent you can trust.

Professional real estate valuation

There are many reasons to value a property, mostly in connection with the thought of selling it.

Important changes in life are often the trigger when a property is to be sold, such as:

  • Starting a family
  • expecting a child
  • career changes
  • marriage
  • divorce
  • old age
  • illness
  • death etc.

To be able to plan, you need to know the property market value. How much can I currently sell my property for? The more information we have about your house or flat, the more accurate and valuable our valuation will be for you. The standard land value, the correct year of construction, the exact living space, plot area, carried out refurbishments, the energy values (energy certificate) with its related requested refurbishments play a key role.

Serious and well-founded real estate valuation

For a serious and well-founded property valuation, visiting the property is the best basis, as only during an inspection the right questions can be asked with regard to a possible sale. Only by a visit we can specifically assess the value of your property and recommend a well-founded market price.
We will be happy to help you with a professional property valuation including a comprehensive market analysis.

We focus on customized consulting

Personal service, customised consulting and the development of a tailor-made sales strategy for you are of utmost importance to us.

As a small, independent company, we are flexible enough to design the quality of our service for our clients (sellers or buyers) very individually and to respond to them in detail. You benefit from a first-hand professional service.

We look after you personally and comprehensively from the first meeting to the handing over of the keys and beyond. We also accompany prospective buyers by recording a search profile or a search order, arranging financing advice and advising them on their search criteria and the current market situation. In doing so, we are constantly expanding our professional network, which can support you in various situations.

Our membership with the Immobilienverband Deutschland
(IVD, Real Estate Association Germany)
guarantees that we regularly undergo further training and have constant access to the latest information on real estate development and the market situation.

This comprehensive approach naturally gives us more pleasure in our work and leads to a closer relationship with our clients.

Flexible estate sale agreements for sellers of residential properties

In addition to the common sole contract with the usual, fixed rights and obligations for owners and real estate agents and a fixed term of several months, we also offer our sellers a flexible commission agreement without a fixed term and without exclusive rights since the new Real Estate Agents Act of 23.12.2020. In this way, we would like to prove that we convince you through our performance and transparency alone and do not need to bind you to us through long terms.

With both contracts, commission is only paid after the successful notarial sale of the property. According to the new law, in the case of double commission, the real estate agent is paid by both parties in the same amount or, in the case of pure seller’s commission, only by the seller.

Compilation of all necessary documents, dealings with authorities

The requirements for a real estate sale are increasingly rising, there are more and more regulations and documents to be submitted for the protection of the consumer, which is also often associated with time-consuming visits to the authorities or telephone calls.

Relevant questions to ask when selling a property:

  • Do I need an energy certificate and where do I get it from?
  • Am I ok with the standard certificate based on the annual energy consumtion or do I need the more advanced certificate based on a calculated energy demand?
  • Do I need information on building encumbrances?
  • What information must be included in a property advertisement?
  • When am I liable for incorrect information?
  • What documents do I need from the property management company for my flat sale?
  • What do I do if I don’t have an up-to-date extract from the land register?
  • What is the exact size of my property? What counts as living space and what does not?

In order to cope with this complexity, it is very useful if you can turn to an experienced real estate agent.

We will take care of all the necessary paperwork for you and put together all the documents you need. If necessary, we have prepared simple powers of attorney for you, which allow us to appear on your behalf and organise everything. You regain valuable time and can concentrate on the essentials.

Creation of a compelling presentation of your property

Creating an attractive property advertisement is not that easy. Taking informative photos and writing a property description and location text is not easy for everyone.

From which angles does my property look best? How many photos should I publish? Then there is the editing of an existing floor plan or the creation of your own floor plan sketch.

Many advertisements nowadays offer a virtual 360° tour or even homestaging. Do I need all that? What is homestaging?

We advise you on the optimal presentation of your property!

We take the right number of photos from the most favourable angles and edit them if necessary. To create a virtual 360° tour, you need a 360° camera. We are happy to offer you this technology to avoid unnecessary viewings.

We produce legible floor plan sketches from your templates or create an useful sketch ourselves and, if your property is empty or in need of renovation, advise you on virtual homestaging, which supports the imagination of potential buyers and enhances your property listing.

Of course, we check whether all the necessary information for a meaningful property exposé is available and take care of the missing information such as living space, energy certificate, extract from the land register, etc. The creation of a professional exposé is done in consultation with you, which means that in the end you decide with which content and in which form your advertisement should appear.

Offering the property to our search clients and our client base

Through many years of marketing various properties in different districts in and around Berlin, we have built up a considerable client base, which we actively draw on immediately when a new property comes in.

For buyers who register with us for a buyers service by means of a commissionable search order to find them the right property, we actively search for new properties. These exclusive clients pay for the fact that we can offer them the properties in advance, before we have a commission agreement with the seller.

Marketing on top and premium placements and in social media

As a matter of principle, we market your property in consultation with you, preferably on the most visited property portals such as Immoscout, Immowelt, Immonet on top or premium placements. These commercial positions generate higher visibility on the aforementioned real estate platforms than normal private advertisements, because they always appear further up front. This generates more enquiries from prospective buyers.

Of course, we also publish your property on our website, as well as on social media, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Active customer contacting by telephone

After sending the property exposé (property details) to our prospective buyers, we contact them by telephone. The personal preliminary conversation is very important to clarify in advance whether a viewing makes sense and also to what extent financing of the respective property is realistic.

The 360° degree tour is helpful for serious prospective buyers in this phase and is becoming the digital standard. This aspect should not be neglected for international buyers either, especially in the Corona period.

We conduct viewings in individual appointments (also at weekends).

Finally, during a professional property showing, not only is the property presented, but, if possible, personal questions about creditworthiness, the time of relocation and the individual situation are also clarified with the prospective buyer in parallel, in order to be able to concretely assess the potential of the property purchase.

Targeted approach to negotiation process with a view to a successful completion for both, buyer and seller

During further discussions after a successful property viewing, we as real estate agents become a helpful mediator between the selling parties and act as a buffer.

Demands from one side can be conveyed to the other side neutrally and without emotion, and backed up with explanations.

This is an advantage especially in difficult constellations. Here we benefit from many years of experience and our good knowledge of human nature. Our goal is to reach a successful completion in a win-win-situation for everybody.

Efficient cooperation with various notary’s offices (multilingual purchase contract preparation possible)

Thanks to our many years of professional experience and our membership in the IVD (Real Estate Association Germany), we have good access to various notary’s offices which we can recommend to you. We can also draw up purchase contracts in several languages or notarise them with sworn interpreters.

The most important thing is that we can provide individual legal advice and support in clarifying legal issues relating to the purchase contract.

We see our task here again in the moderation and communication between the notary, the seller and the buyer. The legal advice by the notary and the personal support by the real estate agent should ideally intertwine and clarify remaining questions and uncertainties regarding the purchase contract.

Of course, as a buyer you can choose your own notary. Perhaps you have already made several property sales and are happy to entrust your personal notary again. That is no problem for us. We are also happy to work with the notary of your choice.

Recorded property handover and further after-sales services

Our work does not end with the notarial certification and invoicing. Rather, we are happy to assist with further communication, organise the handover of the property, where we record everything for all parties involved and inform the property management.

Should any questions arise after moving in, we are also happy to assist you with our after-sales services.

We prefer to look after our clients over a longer period of time, accompany them in further purchases or sales or are simply available as a contact person for property questions. Therefore, we do our best to convince our customers with our competence, transparency and professionalism and to make them happy.

Your satisfaction is our success!

Do not hesitate and contact us, we will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation.