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Well-founded  property valuation for Berlin, Potsdam & the surrounding area

An expert property valuation for a realistic asking price and associated speedy processing – that’s what we offer you at Bream Immobilien for your property in Gatow, Kladow, Staaken or Groß Glienicke and the surrounding area. We take all relevant factors into account and can draw on many years of experience in the real estate market.

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The valuation as a basis for the sale

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A property valuation is an essential step and forms the basis for the sale of your property. The valuation of your detached house in Kladow or condominium in Staaken helps to ensure you to achieve a satisfactory price at the end of the sales process. And since your satisfaction is our success, we place a particularly high value on a professionally sound and holistic view of your property in order to determine the current market value.

The price we as the Bream Immobilien team determine for you is based on various factors  and also takes into account the current market situation. In this way, the valuation provides planning security – because the sale is often only the first step before buying a new property or using the proceeds for retirement.

The valuation is a central part of the sales process and should not be underestimated. Not only is it important to establish the market value, but also to ensure that everything is fair and transparent, both for you as the seller and for the new owner.

The path to a professional valuation

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We value the property by getting an accurate picture of the size, condition and location of the property on site. It is best to have documents on renovations or modernisations, floor plans and information on the living and property area at hand. We ourselves are rooted in our sales region and therefore know the local market very well. Particularly for the valuation, this helps us to incorporate factors relating to the market situation into the valuation in order to obtain an over-all picture.

We also take into account possible improvements or repairs, which can have a positive effect on the value. Thanks to our network, we can easily establish suitable contacts with service providers who can provide more detailed advice on modernisation or cosmetic repairs before a sale.

The right valuation for your situation

In some cases, especially when it comes to inheritance or divorce, decisions have to be made in court. This requires expert opinions that will stand up in court. We will advise you on which form of expert assessment or valuation is relevant for you and, if necessary, make additional contacts.

Would you like to start the sales process together with us with a valuation? Or would you like non-binding information about the value of your property? However we can help you, we look forward to your enquiry. Contact us right now!