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Bream Immobilien is your estate agent for residential property in Gatow, the district in the south of Spandau!

The area of Berlin-Gatow, our residence of choice!

Our business and private home is located directly in the neighbouring suburb, so we are closely connected to the area in Gatow and know all the advantages and the lifestyle on the Havel and can recommend the area very authentically to any prospective property buyer.

Would you like to know what it’s like to live in Berlin-Gatow?

The answer is: we have not yet met anyone who wanted to move out of this area again voluntarily!

Gatow will forever remain a matter of the heart – just like Kladow. Gatow and Kladow are very similar in this respect and offer a high quality of life in a village atmosphere on the waterfront.

Gatow, together with the district of Spandau-Wilhelmsstadt and Kladow, belongs to the so-called sought-after southern part of Spandau on the Havel.

Gatow and Wilhelmsstadt have the advantage of being somewhat closer to the B2, the Heerstrasse, which connects the Spandau areas directly with Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Idyllic and traditional

The idyllic community of Gatow with its traditional Brandenburg village green is located on the banks of the Havel about 6 km north of Kladow. The “village” with the small church, the mill on the hill, some shopping facilities, a primary school and excellent restaurants on the waterfront is not very large.

In just a few minutes you can reach inviting walking trails, cycle paths or bathing spots. On the doorstep are the “Rieselfelder” and the “Gatower Heide”, large fields and heathland.

Various yacht and water sports clubs line the banks along the Havel to Kladow or Spandau-Wilhelmsstadt. The Berlin Golf Club Gatow as well as riding stables and polo clubs are also in the vicinity.

We are your strong estate agent in Berlin-Gatow – the demand for villas, detached or semi-detached houses and building plots in Gatow is extremely high

Unfortunately, there are not many people who want to sell their house in Gatow, as no one wants to move away from there. However, if life circumstances lead to a move to a smaller or larger property or even a change of location, many questions arise about the ideal procedure or professional support for property sales in Gatow.

Are you thinking about selling your property or do you know someone who wants to sell?
Our numerous search clients will thank you!
We welcome any tip or contact making.

Your order is important to us! You decide. We act.

Interest in real estate in Berlin-Gatow is steadily increasing

Due to the never-ending strong demand, especially for semi-detached and detached houses, villas and plots of land, and due to our constant marketing activities, we have meanwhile built up a considerable customer base of prospective buyers looking to purchase a house or flat in Gatow.

We are therefore constantly looking for further properties for sale in Gatow and also Kladow, especially for those buyers who have placed particular trust in us and signed a commissionable search order.

We are also happy to reward every successful sales tip with up to 1% of the achieved purchase price after a successful closing. It goes without saying that we treat tipster contracts transparently.

Advice, tips and recommendations all from one source

Furthermore, we accompany prospective property buyers step by step, give out valuable tips and contacts regarding financing, energetic refurbishment and the purchase process and, last but not least, many authentic tips on living in Berlin-Gatow.

Our personal connection with the place, our convincing professionalism and commitment and our professional services for our clients (for sellers and property buyers) led to successfully sold properties not only in Kladow but also in Gatow.

Property prices in Berlin-Gatow and Berlin-Kladow are no longer an insider tip


Unfortunately, the times are over when the “opposite side of the Havel” (as seen from Zehlendorf) was still a super secret tip in terms of price. Ten years ago you still had the feeling that Gatow and Kladow were at the end of the world, or at least JWD, as the Berliners say (“Janz Weit Draußen”) which means “very far out”. No one wanted to move here.

In the meantime, the perspective of the people in the capital has changed, they have widened their view: property prices have also risen sharply in Berlin-Gatow and Berlin-Kladow.

Nevertheless, the price level for properties for sale here is still somewhat below that of the “classic southwest” Steglitz, Zehlendorf, Nikolassee, Wannsee, Potsdam-Babelsberg or Kleinmachnow.


The increase in the number of people moving to Gatow and Kladow has increased in the last 10 years, and buildings have been constructed everywhere possible.

A good example of this is the former airfield of Gatow Airport, where a very family-friendly neighbourhood with shopping facilities and various schools has now been created. More and more families are moving from the city centre to the idyllic area on the other side of the Havel.

They appreciate the peace and quiet, the village atmosphere, the recreational value in nature coupled with the excellent infrastructure. The increasing trend towards home offices will make these green districts even more popular.

A professional property valuation gives you as a seller planning security

The question of the value of your own property is at the beginning of every idea of selling. The more professionally and accurately you have your property valued, the more planning security you have in the further process. There are thousands of online quick valuations on the internet.

However, they often only ask for general data such as living space, location and type of property and therefore do not provide a meaningful result. Only through a property-specific query – ideally with a property inspection – will you receive a meaningful property valuation.

Therefore, ask us as competent, local estate agents who are very familiar with the area and offer a professional, property-specific property valuation in Gatow.

If you wish, we will also be happy to advise you on further sales steps from A-Z, including property handover and after-sales services. Our commitment and competence will convince you. See also our services and customer satisfaction.

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