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Bream Immobilien is a team of two experienced real estate agents in Spandau and the surrounding area, who have been successfully active in the Berlin real estate market for over 10 years.

We look after prospective sellers and buyers, especially in Berlin-Staaken, and accompany them through the entire process until the property is handed over and beyond. Whether it’s a villa, a family home, a condominium or a building plot, we provide you with comprehensive, transparent and professional support during the sale or search.

Berlin-Staaken is part of our key area

Bream Immobilien is very active in the western part of Berlin and the immediate neighbourhood, especially in Spandau and the surrounding area. With us, you have the advantage that we can be found locally in person and know Berlin-Staaken, as a local district of Spandau, very well, because our company offices are also located in the district of Spandau: in Kladow and in Siemensstadt. We know Staaken’s popularity and advantages for homeowners. We also know about Staaken’s different neighbourhoods, which are home to different sections of the population.

In Berlin-Staaken, everyone can “be happy according to their own façon” – the different faces of Staaken

Staaken is a suburb in the very west of Berlin and is now again part of the Berlin-Spandau district. With its diverse industrial, service and supply facilities, the western Berlin district of Spandau is an important business location in Berlin. At the same time, however, the district is also home to extensive woodland and water areas, which are very popular with Berliners and its guests as a place for excursions and recreation.

The Berlin Wall divided Staaken into two parts in 1951, so part of Staaken remained in the GDR until the fall of communism in 1989. Many outside influences helped shape Staaken, so this district has many different faces. Everyone finds a place there and can “be happy in their own way”.

Immobilienmakler Berlin-Staaken

To the south and west, Berlin-Staaken borders directly on the state of Brandenburg. Here you will find wide fields, woods and natural recreational areas, as well as Fort Hahneberg, a fortress steeped in history. Beyond that, i.e. outside of Berlin, there is hardly any development, because in the past the Berlin Wall prevented the normal suburban development that is usually found on the outskirts of every large city.

In the south-west of Staaken you will find mainly detached and semi-detached houses with large gardens; in other words, a rather grown-up, middle-class area.

The original, historic village with the listed village church and the old houses typical of Brandenburg is situated a little to the north of it in the west of Staaken, immediately south of the Brunsbütteler Damm and was divided by the Wall in 1951 in such a way that, together with the church, it largely belonged to the GDR. This happened as part of an exchange of territory between the Soviet and British occupiers. Today it belongs again entirely to the district of Berlin-Spandau.

Staaken is also an idyllic place to live on a cobbled street surrounded by chestnut trees

Many buildings have already been modernised or beautifully refurbished, some still need a little care or are waiting to awaken after their slumber. Here in the historic village of Staaken on the outskirts of Berlin, there is definitely still potential for those with vision who are willing to renovate.

The garden city of Staaken was built in the 1910s and was considered a model for other Berlin housing estates in the 1920s. The intention was to reform housing for workers. Nearly 1,000 flats were created in a simple and pragmatic design and supplemented by public buildings such as schools, churches, department stores, etc. Different types of houses, from single-family houses to smaller apartment buildings, were combined in different ways in a modular system and provided with gardens. In this way, a lively, modern environment worth living in was created, which today is one of Berlin’s most important architectural and garden monuments of the 20th century. Today, the flats belong to a cooperative and are very popular.

Makler Berlin-Staaken

Albrechtshof is a regional train station that connects Staaken with the centre of Berlin by a short route. You can be at Berlin’s main railway station in 16 minutes. This also makes Staaken very popular with commuters, as you can avoid the morning traffic jam on Heerstraße.
Likewise, Albrechtshof is a part of Staaken in the far west on the Berlin city limits with predominantly single-family housing.

The eastern part of Staaken, Neu-Staaken, is mainly characterised by larger apartment buildings and housing complexes built in the 1960s and 1970s.

The area stretches north of Brunsbütteler Damm to Heerstraße. There are both smaller, quiet multi-family housing estates with generous green spaces, as well as huge apartment blocks and even a shopping centre called Staaken-Center. There you will find a wide range of shops and services. In between, there are also terraced housing estates and detached house developments from later years.

The Neu-Jerusalem housing estate, also known as the Flachbausiedlung, has been a listed residential complex of Neues Bauen since 1992. The semi-detached houses are located in the far west on the outskirts of Berlin near Heerstraße and were completed in 1925. The cube-shaped houses originated from the idea of serial construction and are based on basic geometric forms. At the time, they could be produced inexpensively with the help of prefabricated components and today form an exemplary example of Bauhaus architecture.

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Where can you find even more affordable housing? – Berlin-Staaken as an insider tip

The demand for residential real estate in Berlin is very, very high. Prices have risen exorbitantly in recent years. Fewer and fewer families and young couples can afford their own home in Berlin. So the question quickly arises: is there still cheaper housing somewhere?

Staaken does have very nice neighbourhoods and offers a lot of recreational value due to its proximity to the Havel and the outskirts of the city. The infrastructure and connections to Berlin are very good. It is definitely worth looking for housing here. Purchase prices in the district of Spandau are generally still slightly below the Berlin average. If you find a nice property in Staaken, you should strike, because here too prices are rising steadily due to high demand. In the last 4 years, house prices here have also risen between 7-12% every year. In the near future, it will also become unaffordable for most people in Staaken.

Do you want to sell your property in Berlin-Staaken? Profit from the good market situation

Due to the shortage of supply, we now have a very extensive customer base of prospective buyers looking for a detached house or plot of land in Berlin-Staaken and the surrounding area. We always keep our eyes open in order to be able to find a suitable property in Staaken for our search clients, some of whom have even entered into a property search contract that is subject to commission.

If you are considering selling your property, please contact us. We offer you a serious and non-binding property valuation with professional market analysis in advance. This is a good basis to start the sales process in the best possible way and to achieve a successful result. Furthermore, we undertake everything exclusively in personal consultation with you; our commitment and competence will convince you.

Read more about our range of services on our website. It goes without saying that we work very transparently and, if you wish, we will look after everything from A to Z during the sale of your property. The team of real estate agents at Bream Immobilien can look back on 10 years of experience in the Berlin real estate business. Due to our membership in the IVD (German Real Estate Association), we have been tested for quality by the association and also undergo continuous further training.
We have been based in Spandau since 2019 and successfully serve our clients here. Discover our references and our satisfied customer testimonials since 2019 here. Give us a call and get to know us.
Our commitment and professionalism will convince you.

Comprehensive support for prospective buyers is often underestimated in the one-sided market situation on the real estate market in Berlin

Anyone who has decided to buy their own home, house or flat in Berlin has a lot on their plate. The market situation has developed very much in favour of sellers, property buyers have to reckon with great competition on the market. Often, prospective buyers are unexpectedly exposed to a bidding process, the offer prices move steeply upwards, and the highest and fastest bidder is awarded the contract. If prospective buyers are not prepared for this, they usually come away empty-handed. Therefore, in the one-sided market situation, especially in Berlin, looking after prospective buyers is very important and prepares them better.

Even if this sounds frustrating at first glance, at this low interest rate level it is generally still worthwhile to live in your own property or to invest in real estate as an investor, e.g. for old-age provision.

Particularly in Berlin-Staaken or Spandau and the surrounding area, you as a buyer may be able to expect somewhat more moderate prices. Staaken offers many attractive niches in close-to-nature surroundings with good connections.

Bream Immobilien is also there for you as a buyer to support you in your situation and to prepare you well. Read more under our services and also note the advantages of our property search request.
You can find an overview of our current real estate offer here.

If you have any questions or would like our support, we are happy to help.

Do you know someone who is thinking about selling their property?

If you know of someone who is considering selling their property in Berlin-Staaken, please feel free to contact us, as our client base of property seekers for the Berlin-Staaken area is bursting at the seams.
Please note that you must first obtain permission to pass on the potential seller’s contact details; this is required by European data protection laws.

We reward tipsters with up to 1% of the purchase price if the property is sold successfully. This can be well worth it.
Find out more details under tipster commission.

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