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Bream Immobilien is your personal estate agency team for residential property in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg

Are you thinking about selling your flat or house?

We have built up a large client base over the years, with many prospective buyers specifically for Berlin-Charlottenburg or City West.

Immobilienmakler Berlin-Charlottenburg

We not only speak English and Polish, but also provide our sellers and buyers with full support from the first, free consultation to the handover of the property.

It is important to us to ensure a secure sales process and to achieve an extremely good sales price.

We are closely connected with Berlin-Charlottenburg

Our personal biographies are closely linked to the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and we therefore also privately appreciate the high quality of life around Kurfürstendamm and in the green side streets and lively squares of City West.

We know the charm of Berlin-Charlottenburg and the development of the inner-city area of City West very well

Berlin is growing into a cosmopolitan metropolis, which is naturally attracting more and more international buyers to the City West and causing prices to rise. Nevertheless, domestic clients are also attracted by Charlottenburg’s flair and are looking for a home here or hoping for a lucrative long-term investment.

Young couples, singles, working commuters who depend on good connections and short distances, culture lovers, families and senior citizens are also attracted to this district.

The “Charlottenburg Kiez” (Charlottenburg Neighbourhood)

Makler Berlin-Charlottenburg

Here, people shop together in the shopping mile “Wilmersdorfer Straße”, stroll through the markets at Karl-August-Platz or Lehniner Platz or discover exotic goods and restaurants in Kantstraße.

The “Charlottenburger Kiez”, between Bismarckstraße and Kurfürstendamm, is a popular residential and shopping area with a mixture of noble Wilhelminian style buildings and modern post-war architecture.

Around Savigny Platz there is a varied leisure offer of numerous, smaller shops, boutiques, galleries, cafés, bars and restaurants. Many tourists flock to this area, there are interesting speciality restaurants as well as legendary 68 pubs.

Kurfürstendamm is the world-famous shopping mile with renowned shops and traditional restaurants

This boulevard is the vibrant centre of the district, with chic boutiques, dignified restaurants and trendy bars. There are magnificent, fanciful old buildings here. Luxury and culture, big-city hustle and bustle and cosiness have always combined here in a contemplative, stylish and also upper-class way.


The quiet, green side streets leading to Kurfürstendamm are one of the most sought-after and expensive residential areas in Berlin.

The baroque Palace gardens of Charlottenburg Palace, the Lietzensee Park and the garden monuments at Savignyplatz and the nearby Tiergarten are well-kept inner-city oases that invite you to linger and relax.

Other famous addresses in Charlottenburg include the Gedächtniskirche, the KaDeWe, the Bikini, the Tiergarten, Charlottenburg Palace and the exhibition grounds.

To the north of Charlottenburg Palace is another popular residential area: North-Charlottenburg

Around Mierendorff Platz, typical Berlin historical buildings dominate the streetscape, while to the north, housing estates from the 1950s-1970s alternate with allotment garden colonies and green spaces.

The largest park in the north is Jungfernheide, a large recreational paradise for young and old with a bathing lake, large recreational areas, beer garden and climbing park.

The connection to the surrounding area or to the other districts is ideal due to the proximity to the city motorway A100, the Avus or the numerous public transport options such as the S-Bahn and U-Bahn and long-distance train stations Charlottenburg and Zoologischer Garten.

The stable value retention of real estate has a tradition in Berlin-Charlottenburg – in addition we have the boom of City West

Charlottenburg was already a distinguished area, even a major city in its own right, in the times of the Kaiser. The western part of the city was free from the exhaust fumes of the big city due to the prevailing westerly winds and, thanks to its proximity to the Tiergarten and the generous design of most of the houses, it provided a suitable home for the wealthy population.

In 1920 Charlottenburg, like many other districts, was then incorporated into Greater Berlin. Kurfürstendamm attracted many people of cultural or economic importance and formed a second inner-city centre alongside Berlin-Mitte even before the Cold War.

Until now, Charlottenburg has held its own as a genteel, well-bourgeois area and has never really lost its value. Anyone who is worth his or her salt still invests in Charlottenburg today, preferably nearby or on Kürfürstendamm, depending on one’s wallet.

Berlin has had a lot to catch up on since the fall of the Wall

After all, the city is growing steadily and developing into an international metropolis. Demand for real estate remains high, with property prices increasingly matching those of other metropolises in Europe such as Paris and London. Berlin first experienced hype in the eastern part of the city after 1990.

After its restoration and redevelopment, the attention of Berliners, cultural workers and urban developers also shifted back to the western part of the city.

This contributed significantly to the rise in real estate prices in Berlin over the past decades, and it is expected that this trend will continue for a while into the future.

Berlin-Charlottenburg, as a well-bourgeois, extremely central district, is therefore still popular with investors today for high value stability and growth.

Importance of property valuation for a successful sale

If you would like to sell a property in Charlottenburg, don’t hesitate and benefit from the good property prices and let us prepare a meaningful property valuation for you in advance, free of charge and without obligation.

To do this, we need some information about your property, because this is the only way we can prepare a serious valuation that goes beyond an approximate price per square metre and takes into account specific features of your property. As estate agents with local knowledge, we also provide you with an overview of the current local market.

This is worthwhile, because the right asking price is the key to successful marketing at the best possible price.

Just ask us

Also enquire about our other real estate services and convince yourself of our satisfied customer testimonials and successfully sold properties.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Your order is important to us! You decide. We act.

Our search order can speed up the marketing

The unbroken strong demand for residential properties for self-use and for capital investment in Berlin-Charlottenburg fills our database with every active property marketing in Charlottenburg with additional numerous search clients who are willing to buy and who have not yet found what they are looking for.

Some even enter into a commissionable search request with us, as this allows us to offer the property to you unbureaucratically after the initial contact with a new seller, before we have a commission agreement with the owner. This advantage also benefits the seller.

Before you sign a search request form, please enquire about our current property offer.

Tipster commission

If you know someone or know of someone who would like to sell their property, we would also be pleased to hear from you. Due to the overhang of prospective buyers for Berlin-Charlottenburg and other districts as well as for the surrounding area of Berlin, we are always desperately looking for further owners willing to sell. In the event of a successful referral and sale, we will pay you a reasonable tipster commission of up to 1% of the purchase price.

Contact us and we can explain everything to you personally or find out more on our website under tipster commission.

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