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Documents for the sale of real estate

Selling real estate is a complex process that requires careful preparation. In order to successfully find a buyer for your property, certain documents are crucial. These documents not only serve to ensure that the sale goes smoothly, but also to arouse the interest of potential buyers and increase their confidence in your offer.

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The first step in preparing for the sale of real estate in Staaken, Groß Glienicke, Gatow or Kladow is to obtain all relevant documents. These include the extract from the land register, which provides information about ownership and possible encumbrances. An up-to-date floor plan gives a precise impression of the property and is a valuable tool for prospective buyers. Also important are the energy certificate, which provides information about energy consumption and energy efficiency, and the development plan, which provides information about possible building restrictions. To ensure that the sale runs smoothly and does not fail due to missing documents, these must be available at the beginning of the process. Since different authorities and contact persons have to be contacted in each case (possibly building archive or building encumbrance register) and the waiting times may be longer, the procurement can quickly become a demanding undertaking.

Furthermore, you should have the purchase contract and all relevant documents concerning the property, such as building licences or warranty certificates, ready. Buyers want to make sure that they are informed about all details before the purchase contract is signed. Depending on the property, different documents are required and sometimes legally prescribed. The subsequent compilation and presentation of all documents is also a task in itself, as the right path must be chosen here between specifications and an appealing presentation.

So that you are not left on your own with these tasks, we at Bream Immobilien provide support. We determine which documents are specifically required, take over the procurement in time for the start of the sale and present all documents for a successful sale.