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Little movement on the real estate market in Berlin –
Patience, good preparation and know-how are requested from sellers and prospective buyers

Sought-after residential locations in Berlin offer little movement on the real estate market

Nobody wants to move away from here. Those who can, stay; those who have invested in a capital investment here keep their property just for the sake of appreciation. The demand for real estate far exceeds the supply.

Anyone looking for a property to buy in sought-after locations therefore needs staying power, a lot of perseverance and, ideally, professional support.

Good preparation in the run-up to the search brings decisive advantages. Not only the corresponding equity capital of at least 20-30% of the total purchase price, but also concrete preliminary discussions with a good financing agent put the real estate seeker in a better position on the market.

Once the longed-for situation has arisen where the desired property has been viewed, the prospective buyer must be able to react extremely quickly and decisively. A creditworthiness certificate or financing commitment from the bank should be available immediately.

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We do not only offer you real estate, but also independent financial advisors for an optimal, individually tailored preparation for the purchase and advise you in detail on what is important in the search with many competitors and how you can best proceed.

You can benefit from our network even before the actual purchase. Because we as estate agents deal with prospective buyers on a daily basis, we can give you targeted practical tips.

Get to know us better, take a detailed look at our performance list, our current property portfolio as well as our search request for real estate seekers.

What can I expect as a property seller in sought-after, inner-city locations? Do I need an estate agent or should I sell privately?

Are you considering selling your property in Berlin?
Are you facing a change and thinking about selling your property as smoothly and profitably as possible?
Should I sell privately or hire an estate agent?
What are the advantages and disadvantages?

What you can expect as a private seller on the real estate market and where the advantage of an agent lies

At least three points are common to all real property sellers…

All sellers wish to sell on the following criteria:

  • at the best possible price
  • fast and in good time
  • as stress-free and safely as possible

The ideal estate agent is based in your area and shows a good range of sold properties and customer testimonials. He or she can generally be reached personally by phone, works full-time and has an informative website. With these prerequisites, the above three criteria should be fulfilled.

We, Bream Immobilien, fulfill the essential criteria of a committed and competent local estate agent and have set ourselves the goal of always delivering top performance for our clients:

We will provide you with a well-founded and professional property valuation with current market assessment and property inspection (important!) and provide you with free, individual, comprehensive advice.

The right price and sales strategy can ultimately only be determined in detail on the basis of a property inspection and is the foundation for successful marketing. Online property valuations are okay for a rough, initial market assessment, but they do not provide a serious basis for a successful and speedy start to the sale.

We achieve a sale as fast and on time as possible through an offer price in line with the market and through an appealing and informative exposé, which ideally should be posted exclusively on the most visited portals. We recommend that you do not employ several estate agents in parallel, this does not provide any advantages.

Estate agents like us, who work full-time and present themselves professionally on the internet, usually have a large client base, a lot of routine and a good, professional network, which promises a good exclusive presentation on the internet and can speed up the process. We have access to the most visited property portals, market on our own website and also in social media.

Our experience shows: a second or third estate agent does not result in a broader spread of the offer, but only creates uncertainty and confusion among potential buyers. Only in rare cases can the involvement of a second agent be worthwhile.

Have you ever thought about the rush you face when you advertise your property privately?
How much time and nerves it takes to answer all the requests, to distinguish serious interested parties from viewing tourists, to check creditworthiness and to organize the viewing process?

In addition, as soon as you advertise privately, a large number of estate agents will immediately contact you to offer their services. So you are back at square one and start thinking about whether one of the estate agents might make your life easier after all.

Instead of focusing on your prospective buyers, you are again distracted with estate agent approaches. That’s a waste. Listing and representation by a professional estate agent saves you all this inconvenience and also the time-consuming telephone calls with potential buyers.

We are transparent at every stage of the sale and will inform you as soon as we have a serious prospective buyer. Further negotiations and creditworthiness enquiries, obtaining documents from the property management company and tiresome dealings with the authorities, as well as monitoring the legally secure process through the assistance of a notary, are all professionally taken care of by us. In the end, you only need to decide on the right buyer once everything is in place.
You decide, we do the work for you!

The disadvantages of an estate agent when selling real estate –
The real estate agent’s commission and the commitment to a real estate agent’s contract

Every property seller is free to do everything himself in order to save costs. Whether it is worth it in the end depends on the quality of the potential agent and on one’s own competence with regard to property sales and the time available to the seller. It is comparable to tradesman services and other work that one delegates. If you have a lot of time and patience and know your way around, you are welcome to try everything yourself. Whether in the end the balance sheet and the result will prove you right is doubtful.

Don’t forget that now, as a rule, only 3.57% estate agent’s commission is due for both sides on residential properties. This has become more attractive for both sides. Consider also that, like any other professional service provider, an estate agent on shared commission is acting for both parties and is also liable for his advice.

This means that with a shared commission, where both parties pay the agent, an intelligent estate agent is primarily concerned with ensuring a purposeful and smooth process that makes both parties happy.

Experience shows that professional estate agents also act professionally, usually negotiate better purchase prices because you are not emotionally attached to the property and have more routine and the right tools!

Agents who are organized in well-known real estate associations – for example in the IVD (Real Estate Association of Germany) – are obliged to undergo continuous further training. This means that a certain quality and professionalism can be expected. A sale with an estate agent usually runs more smoothly, if only because you as the seller always have time to make your decisions and do not have to react directly to the buyer. The agent acts as a buffer, which is pleasant and saves many a hectic wrong decision.

All in all, it is usually worth hiring an estate agent. The time saved and the additional revenue pay off. The estate agent’s commission is then gladly paid for good work. Unfortunately, estate agents often have a bad reputation. That is a pity, because many estate agents are committed and do a very good job.

We, the team of estate agents at Bream Immobilien, try to refute the general bad reputation by making it our top priority to always do a top job.

We want happy sellers as our customers – it would be in your interest to make the right decision!

We offer flexible commission arrangements for our sellers

  • No fixed term
  • No sole mandate necessary
  • Commission only paid after successful purchase
  • No additional costs

We will only remain your estate agent as long as you are satisfied with our performance.

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Your satisfaction is our success!