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Is buying property still worthwhile?

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Is property still a worthwhile investment? In view of the dynamic property market and rising prices, more and more people are asking themselves whether buying a property is still profitable.

As estate agents for Berlin and Potsdam, we take a closer look at this question in this article.

Current developments on the property market

The property markets in Berlin, Potsdam and throughout Germany have recently seen a noticeable rise in interest rates. At the same time, initial property prices began to stabilise and rise less sharply. However, the increased cost of living combined with the rise in interest rates means that fewer prospective buyers can afford their own property. As rents have risen less sharply than property prices in recent years, the question quickly arises as to whether buying a property is still worthwhile or whether renting is a better option.

A comparison of buying and renting

Anyone who decides to buy a property benefits from the increase in value of the property. Although industry experts expect property values to rise less strongly in the coming years than in previous years, prices are not expected to fall sharply. As in the past, a good location is a reliable safeguard for maintaining and increasing the value of a property.

To determine whether buying or renting a property is more expensive, the financing and maintenance costs of a purchased property, together with the applicable interest rate, must be compared with the net cold rent of a comparable property. When making this calculation, also take into account the monthly ancillary costs, which increase the calculated value. In many calculation examples, there is only a slight difference between buying and renting. If you divide the purchase price including ancillary costs by the annual cold rent, you get the purchase price/rent ratio. The lower the value, the more worthwhile the purchase. A value of 20 is considered favourable, from a value of 35, renting is usually the more attractive option.

A look into the future

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Currently, the financial differences in monthly comparisons are still small in some cases. However, this ratio may change in the future. The majority of market experts expect rents to rise in the future. Assuming a low estimated annual price increase of 2%, a rent of currently around EUR 1,250 will rise to just under EUR 1,500 in ten years. This means that the burden for tenants will be significantly higher than for owners, who can expect a fixed interest burden in the coming years.

Buying or renting? How do I make a decision?

Even if some industry experts agree on certain points, it is impossible to predict the exact future of the buying and renting market in Berlin and Potsdam. Your personal factors in particular should therefore influence your decision. We would be happy to discuss with you whether buying or renting is more suitable for you and your life situation. Together with our financial partner Hüttig & Rompf, we will also take a close look at your financial situation. This allows us to weigh up whether buying is worthwhile for you or whether you would be better off renting a property in the long term.