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Existing property instead of new construction? These energy aspects are important

Tablet mit Energielabels wird vor Einfamilienhaus hochgehalten

Those who opt for a new building can align the property with current energy standards. However, since building land is rare in the region around Berlin and Potsdam, the choice often falls on an existing property – sometimes also because of lower purchase costs. We have summarised here what to look out for in terms of energy efficiency and what changes should be made.

These components influence energy efficiency

One of the crucial components is building insulation and insulation. A well-insulated property enables efficient use of heating and cooling systems, which has a positive effect on energy costs in the long term. Only when improvements have been made here is it worth taking a closer look at the heating and ventilation systems – because they can be no matter how efficient if the heat escapes directly through the exterior walls. Outdated heating systems are usually inefficient compared to modern models and result in high energy costs – also due to a lack of options for precise regulation. It is therefore advisable to check the condition of the heating system and, if necessary, invest in a modern and energy-efficient system. In addition, attention should also be paid to the windows and doors, as these have a major influence on heat loss and the energy efficiency of the building. Here too, modern heating systems and good façade insulation will ultimately not benefit you if heat continues to leave the house unused through leaky doors or windows. This is something to bear in mind when buying a property.

How to sell your existing property

Haus mit aufgedruckter Batterie liegt im Gras

In order to sell your existing property at the best possible price, it is worthwhile to follow a few helpful tips. It is advisable to obtain an assessment of the current energy status from an energy consultant before selling. These experts know exactly where weak points can be found, how they affect the overall efficiency of the property and what measures can be taken to counteract them. In addition, it is worthwhile to have the energy advisor check out funding opportunities for energy-efficient renovations. There are many state and regional programmes that offer financial support for energy efficiency measures. This renovation plan with listed funding and financing options makes it easier for the future buyer to decide in favour of your existing property because the unknown cost factors are minimised. You can achieve a better purchase price because it gives the buyer a perspective on how to improve the energy efficiency of the property. At Bream Immobilien we have the right contacts to find an energy consultant for your property in Gatow, Kladow or even Groß Glienicke.

In the process, a constant comparison is made with the legal requirements of the Building Energy Act. We work closely with you to determine whether the current heating system will be subject to mandatory replacement in the near future, for example, and whether modernisation or the use of renewable energies is therefore already worthwhile.

With this expert support, you will ultimately achieve a much better sales price for your property in Berlin or Potsdam.