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Energy performance certificate: what property owners need to know

It provides information about the energy efficiency of a property and should not be missing in most cases when selling: the energy performance certificate. We have summarised here what exactly it is needed for and who can issue it.

What is an energy performance certificate and why is it needed?

Modellhaus steht auf Energieausweisen

The energy performance certificate is a document that provides information about the energy efficiency of a property. It shows how energy-efficient the building is and how high the energy consumption is expected to be. The energy performance certificate contains information about the energy status of the building, such as the energy consumption in kilowatt hours per square metre and year, the primary energy requirement, CO2 emissions and recommendations for improving energy efficiency. The energy performance certificate is needed to give buyers, tenants and authorities a clear idea of how energy-efficient a property is. It serves as a decision-making aid for potential buyers or tenants and is also an instrument for implementing legal requirements in the area of energy efficiency.

Which properties must have an energy performance certificate?

Both residential and non-residential buildings, such as office buildings, must have an energy performance certificate. Exceptions to this are

  • very small buildings with a maximum floor space of 50 square metres
  • Houses that are being sold and are listed buildings
  • Properties that are purchased and are to be demolished immediately afterwards

You should endeavour to obtain the energy certificate in good time. This is because the certificate must be presented at the latest at the viewing. In the case of a purchase, the energy performance certificate must be handed over immediately after the purchase contract has been concluded.

What types of energy performance certificates are there?

Glühbirne mit Energieklassen vor kleinem Holzhaus

There are two types of energy performance certificate – the consumption-based energy performance certificate and the demand-based energy performance certificate. The consumption-based energy performance certificate is based on actual consumption data from previous years. The energy consumption values of the building are recorded and analysed in order to determine an average value. The demand-based energy performance certificate, on the other hand, is based on calculations and assumptions about the energy requirements of a building. Various factors such as the building envelope, heating system and other energy-related components are taken into account. Both types of energy performance certificate provide important information about the energy status of a property. 

If the date of the building application for a property is before 1 November 1977 and has fewer than five flats, a requirement certificate is required. If the property was built before this date, a consumption certificate can be used if the 1977 Thermal Insulation Ordinance was taken into account during construction or through modernisation. If there are fewer than three billing periods, a consumption certificate can also be used.

At Bream Immobilien, we prepare the consumption certificate for you as part of a joint sale. If a requirement certificate is required, we will take care of the preparation together with the relevant experts and ensure smooth processing.

Do you have further questions about the energy performance certificate?