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Buying real estate despite rising interest rates? What you should know

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The rise in interest rates can raise a number of questions and concerns for potential buyers. Is it still a good time to buy a property? How will the rise in interest rates affect financing? What factors should be considered when making a decision? We at Bream Immobilien will not leave you alone when buying a property in Staaken, Groß Glienicke, Gatow or Kladow and have already summarised the most important information here.

Impact of the rise in interest rates on financing

The rise in interest rates has a direct impact on property financing and raises questions about affordability. As interest rates rise, so do mortgage rates, which presents potential buyers with the challenge of having to make higher monthly payments. This can increase the financial burden and have an impact on budgeting and planning. In addition to interest rates, the cost of living has also risen, which leads to higher requirements on the part of banks when it comes to approving financing. Our financial partners at Hüttig & Rompf will be happy to help you determine the conditions under which financing can be implemented in your individual situation. We will establish contact quickly and without complications so that nothing stands in the way of the further processing of the real estate purchase.

Is it still a good time to buy a property?

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In view of the rise in interest rates, many potential buyers are asking themselves whether it is still a good time to buy a property. If you look at the historical development of interest rates, you will see that the current level is still comparatively low and that there have been no further sharp rises recently. Property prices are also still at a high level, and since in the past people usually benefited from a significant increase in the value of the properties they bought, this development is also realistic for the future. Traditionally, real estate thus represents a secure investment opportunity that also serves you as a retirement provision.

Compared to renting a property – especially in such a tight market as Berlin or Potsdam – owning your own property provides additional security when the monthly payments flow into the property. In your own home, you are safe from notices of owner-occupancy and can furnish your home completely independently of the landlord’s specifications.

With the right support, buying real estate succeeds

As you can see, even in the current market situation, buying a property in Gatow, Kladow or Staaken is a good idea and a safe investment opportunity. To ensure that the purchase is successful, that you find the right property and that the financing is on a secure foundation, we at Bream Immobilien, in cooperation with our financing partners, will support you in your property purchase.