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Preparing for the property sale: the valuation

Selling a property is a major undertaking that requires careful preparation. A crucial phase in this process is the valuation of the property in order to set a realistic selling price and market it successfully. In this article, we will show you how you can prepare for selling a property in Berlin and Potsdam by taking the right steps to determine its value.

Why is the valuation of a property important?

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The valuation of a property is important because it plays a crucial role in a successful sale. A realistic and fair selling price based on a professional valuation can help to sell the property faster and achieve the best possible selling price. An accurate valuation helps both sellers and potential buyers to have confidence in the transaction process and avoid unnecessary price negotiations or delays.

Methods for determining the value of a property

There are various methods for determining the value of a property, including the comparative value method, the income capitalisation method and the asset value method. In the comparative value method, similar properties in the neighbourhood are used to estimate the value of the property to be sold. The income capitalisation method, on the other hand, is based on the expected income generated by the property, while the asset value method takes into account the structural condition and location of the property.

The role of a real estate agent in property valuation

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Estate agents help with property valuations as they have the expertise and experience to accurately assess the value of a property. They analyse market trends, compare similar properties in the area and take into account individual aspects such as the structural condition or location of the property. Estate agents can also better assess potential buyers and achieve the best possible selling price thanks to their network and marketing strategies. This also provides the necessary security for the subsequent steps to ensure that the sale goes smoothly.

Tips for preparing for the valuation

In order to optimally prepare for the valuation of a property, sellers should consider a few things. This includes compiling relevant documents such as floor plans, energy performance certificate or building plans in order to provide the estate agent or valuer with all the necessary information. The list of renovations/modernisations carried out to date is also extremely relevant for the value of the property. At the very least, it should be possible to state the period of any major work carried out on the roof, façade, heating, interior fittings, electrics or water pipes. Furthermore, it sometimes makes sense to prepare the property before the valuation and to rectify any defects in order to make a positive impression and increase the value. Even small measures can make a difference.

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