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How to finance a property purchase successfully

Buying a property in Potsdam, Gatow or Kladow is a big step for many people and an important investment in the future. But the question often arises: How can you finance the purchase? In our article, we want to give you valuable tips and information on how you can successfully master your property financing.

Budget planning: How much property can I afford?

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Careful budget planning enables you to clearly define your financial options and find the property that meets your needs without being financially overstretched. Take all relevant factors into account – from your income and assets to all monthly expenses and long-term financial goals. Only through precise budget planning can you find out how much property you can really afford and which financing options are suitable for you.

Finding the right form of financing: Classic loans, home loan and savings contracts, Wohnriester and co.

Traditional loans offer you flexibility and various interest rate options, while building society savings contracts enable long-term planning and state subsidies. Wohnriester is suitable for anyone who wants to benefit from tax advantages and state subsidies. Other options such as KfW loans or mortgages with special repayment options offer you additional opportunities to optimise your financing. It is always important that the financing suits you.

Calculate the purchase price: Take ancillary costs, renovation costs and co. into account

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When calculating the purchase price of a property, it is important to take ancillary and renovation costs into account in addition to the purchase price itself. Additional costs such as estate agent commission, land transfer tax and notary fees can quickly account for a considerable proportion of the budget. It is advisable to plan for these in advance to avoid any nasty surprises. In the case of older properties, there are usually costs for renovation and modernisation.

Plan early with our financing partner

It is important that you match the property to the potential financing and not the other way round. Otherwise, it is easy for buyers to overstretch themselves financially and not be happy with the property in the long term. Early planning is therefore essential. Our financing partners at Hüttig & Rompf will support you in taking the necessary steps to ensure that the financing is on a solid footing. With a view to your financial situation, your wishes and the various levers available to influence the financing, we will create a financing solution that is ideally suited to you. We work hand in hand to ensure that not only the property purchase in Berlin and Potsdam is a success, but also the property financing.